Central Scouting Services Free Access Friday Is Six Days Away – Six Reasons To Use

With six days to go before Central Scouting Services offers a one day, one time only free use of its player database to teams and scouts around the world, we wanted to remind players to sign up for their free profile.

CSS is the only place where you are in complete control of your players data, and recruiting information in a secure and controlled environment.

CSS does not allow fly by night organizations to access the player database.

CSS pre screens all people using the database to ensure players receive quality contacts from quality organizations.

CSS is the only place where players control who gets their contact information. Unlike other sites who illegally sell information obtained without the players knowledge or consent, CSS is controlled by the players themselves to ensure complete legal compliance.

CSS is the only secure database using military grade technology that secures and encrypts player information.

CSS allows for players and scouts to document all communication through its self storage capability. Making the recruiting process documentable for NCAA compliance.

Or you can contact Jason Nyhof directly and he can get you registered.
Jason Nyhof – Performance Testing Director North America –
1-855-CSS-TEST Ext. 701 jnyhof@centralscoutingservices.com