Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Advice To Owners, Managers And Coaches

To be sure, to work in hockey is an honor.  To be paid to do what you love is not something most people in the world can say they do.

There is nothing better than going to the arena, walking in the room, drinking the bad coffee, and it all is so wonderfully predictable.  Each arena have it own smell, and there is something special about so many of them that make them unique.

So I have to ask myself why there seem to be so many unprofessional organization today?

When I see the video on TJHN yesterday it is embarrassment to the game!  Who would first let the player run the goaltender to begin the mess, and then the referee punching one or two player, and the coach coming to jump the referee?!

What has the game come to?  This bush league behavior should be met with nothing but the harshest of penalty.  Everyone involved should be banned from the ice for at least one year.  Player included!

Organization are embarrassing themselves in so many way now.  They do not have the clue on how to run classy organization.

No scout room on game night.  Statistic not up to date.  Website not up to date.  Video quality worse than 1930’s silent movie.  Unprofessional coaches.  No fan experience on game night.  No marketing.

This is not how it done.

Advice for you organization who have one or more of these issue is to go to a Major Junior or USHL game and get an idea on what need to be done.

Just because you lower level or lower budget do not mean you can not provide a good experience.  Everything can be done on the smaller scale and it be appreciated by all who see.

Scout do not need the five star treatment of the NHL.  Is it too much to have the container of coffee, water, and maybe the pizza waiting in the scout room?

Owner must start by hiring professional people.  Stop thinking you can pay next to nothing for a good job.  If you cant afford it, you shouldn’t own the team.  Would you work for free?  I did not think so.

Coach must start finding player that will develop.  Not the guy who just show up to play.  Every level is about the development now.

League staff must figure thing out.  This video, if me, the team that ran the goalie and got the referee fight, and trainer off the bench, would be immediate kick out of the league.  You make national news for stupidity!  League that do not have strict rule is bush league.

It is bad enough there so many bad organization today that you see them everywhere.  It become worse when league and owner do nothing to solve the problem they see with own eyes.

So I ask you the question so many of you ask the player…….Where is your character?!


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