The Death Pool – GMHL West Cold Lake Wings In Deep Debt

Yep, they say shit rolls down hill. Apparently it also sticks to people after its done rolling. Ha Ha Ha

The GMHL West/WPHA shit show keeps getting better and better.

After announcing that Troy Mick is now part owner, General Manager and Head Coach, locals are reporting that the shit show owes a ton of money to a bunch of people from last year.

You know, like bus companies and those people who actually made it possible for the joke of an organization to be on the ice.

How about the sponsors who didn’t get what they were promised in their sponsor packages? You know, things like signage and other kind of important items that go along with sponsorships!

Maybe the players who are owed money should have it returned?

All of this took place under the same leadership that is in place today. And now they also get to deal with the Bob and Ken show in Ontario! The band of merry men who take from everyone and give to themselves.

Anyone signing up for this bullshit team and league deserves the rip off that is sure to come. If you know anyone signing up for these scams and you don’t warn them, shame on you.

Oh yeah, and stick around for some great reports on teams going dark. Yep, its that time of year.