Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Earning The Respect Of Coaches And Scouts

Today I try to offer the advice to player who may feel as though he do not have the respect of coaches and scouts.

Respect is something that is earned by the player.  You stats from last year do not automatically buy you the respect of this year coach and scouts.  What you did yesterday or last year is in the past.  No coach or scout owe you anything.  Remember this now and for the rest of you career.

I am seeing player be smart mouthed to coaches, and acting as though they can not be replaced in some instance.  Always remember, there is no player so good that he can not be replaced.  The sooner you know and understand this, the sooner you will realize that you have very little control over how high you climb in you hockey career.

You respect the position of the coach or scout.  You do not have to like the person, but you must respect the position.  That coach or scout has earned his position, like you trying to earn your position.

If you do not respect the position of the other person, then you will never get the respect of the coach and the scout.  The respect that you need to advance you career in hockey.

While some old school people say “if you good enough they will find you”, it is no longer true.  You need the coach and the scout to talk well about you.

How you earn the respect of coaches and scouts after giving them respect is actually pretty simple.  You must always act professional.  If you do not or will not carry youself as the professional, you will never be respected.  Dress, talk and act as though someone is watching you all the time.

Play with passion.  Do not play half heartedly.  Do not work outside of the system.  Do not leave you compete level in the trunk of you car.

If you compete, you earn respect.  If you coast you earn the label of lazy and lazy is never respected.

Listen more than you talk.  It is proven fact that when you talking you are not able to hear all that other say.  So, keep the mouth closed and you will hear and learn more.

Do not be a follower.  Be a leader.  If you want to be a professional player act like one.  If you want to be the NCAA player, act like you already are one.

A long time ago someone tell me that if you acting like an amateur people will always see you as an amateur.  It makes sense no?

To some of you this may sound like common sense.  Though it may sound like common sense, knowing it and practicing these ideas are two different things.  Understanding that those above you are above you for a reason, and they control your fait, will allow you to simply just follow the rules.

Don’t be the player who look back one day and regret the stupid action they had that block they own progress.  Be smart, and act smart.  That will always be respected.


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