CPJHL Showcase Kicks Off Tomorrow


Sault Ste. Marie Michigan will once again reinforce its original claim to the title of “Hockey Town” over the next three days.

As all eight of the Canadian Premier Junior Hockey League teams descend upon the world renown Pullar Arena, players, parents and scouts will all have an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments.

In just its first year, the CPJHL set out to prove that they belonged in the junior hockey world.  Not self labeling, or claiming to be anything other than a development league, the CPJHL may be setting the trend for future leagues to follow.

“We always believed that the scouts, and players will determine how the league is measured.”  Said Essa Stallions Head Coach Sylvain Cloutier “It really is the scouts that decide if you are Junior A, or B, or Tier II or III.  Making up a label would have been dishonest.  The scouts will see some really good young players here, and they will see some that need more development time.  No different than any other league.”

The CPJHL, unlike other leagues, simply makes the claim that they are going to move players on to the next level.  No claims that cant be accomplished.

There is no better way to head into your holiday break than to get everyone together for games, and league meetings.  It provides a sense of accomplishment and allows for the group to begin making plans for the future.

Tickets for the CPJHL showcase are only $10 per day.