Dells Ducks Win MNJHL Bush Cup Championship

The Dells Ducks capped a great 2014-2015 season with a hard fought 1 to 0 victory over the Rochester Ice Hawks in game three of the best of three Championship series.

For the last three seasons, the Dells Ducks under Head Coach Bill Zaniboni have been knocking on the championship door.  Last year loosing in the last game of a round robin playoff.  The year before losing by one goal in a game that did not see a goal scored until overtime.

All the while Zaniboni always believed in his players and their ability to get the job done.  All the while, Dells Ducks Owner John Schwarz always believed Zaniboni would get the job done.

Winning a the MNJHL Championship is only a crowning achievement for an organization that is built upon winning.  Winning for the Dells Ducks is about developing players first, moving them on to college, and if they happened to win a Championship along the way, that was just a bonus.

The Ducks, can win games.  Of that there is no doubt.  Back to back regular season champions, and the most successful fourth year franchise in MNJHL history.

The Ducks have lead the league in player promotions to NCAA programs for the last two seasons while racking up wins on the ice.

I could not be happier for the nine players I know personally on the Dells Ducks.  So many of them who I have had the pleasure of watching over the course of years.

I also could not be happier for two people I call very good friends.  Two people who have worked very hard to make the Dells Ducks the model program it has become.  John Schwarz and Bill Zaniboni, the next round is on me.

Congratulations to all of the Dells Ducks players, parents, fans, and alumni, without you, none of the many successes the Dells Ducks have experienced would have been possible.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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