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The Death Pool – Publishers Edition – Coach Nathan Hewitt – Language Warning

Language warning; This publication will contain language that is not suitable for young readers.

Good morning readers.  I apologize for taking up the space normally reserved for David Wagner’s weekly column, rest assured he will return shortly.

In nearly 43 years in the game, I have never run into such an unprofessional person as Head Coach Nathan Hewitt.  The young coach is a liar, and vindictive napoleon complex ridden person who has no business leading young men in any capacity.

After spending days on the phone researching, I have found Nathan Hewitt has a reputation that spreads across Ontario of being a liar, and deceitful manipulator who is only out for himself.  Coaches have lined up to say how much they personally dislike him.

Why would I write this?  Simple.  Coach Nathan Hewitt is deliberately ending a junior players career because he apparently just doesn’t like him.  I say apparently because Nathan Hewitt said to me in a text;

“Sorry Joe. I met with the captains and they are on the same page on this one”

“I don’t coach to make friends. I coach to make better hockey players. Not my concern whether they like me or not.”

“His stuff will be packed and delivered to his billets tomorrow morning. Have a good night.”

Since when do players who pay to play hockey get to decide if another player on their team does not get to play?  Since when do players who do not perform to the level of the player being sat in the stands get to determine who sits in the stands?

This is not because he cant play, not because he got into trouble off the ice, but because the player sustained a concussion, went home for a few weeks to be with his father who has cancer, and he requested a trade.  Yes, his father had cancer and the team allowed him to go home.  And he requested a trade.

That’s right, the players father has cancer, and before the trade deadline the player requested a trade to get closer to home.  Nathan Hewitt denied the trade request, and now big bad coach Nathan Hewitt is puffing out his six inch chest and not allowing the player to play.

Nathan Hewitt is not only not letting the player play, he’s not even letting him on the ice to practice, or stretch out his legs when he is still on the roster!  This player has not gotten into trouble at all.  He produces points and team mates for years have said how much they love having him on their team.  Coaches in the past have never complained about this players work ethic or on ice performance.

This player was even told on Saturday he isn’t allowed in the team area via text from Nathan Hewitt.  Yet this same player drives himself to Sudbury to attend away games to support his team mates.  He drives himself because Nathan Hewitt wont allow him on the team bus!  Yes, the player is such a bad team mate he drives himself to away games to support his team mates and friends!

This player is still in Elliot Lake even when Nathan Hewitt basically told him to go home and that he is not going to play him for the rest of the year.  Keep in mind that this is a player who not only produces points, but has NCAA offers for next season.

It gets better though.

Lets not forget about the concussion.  The one that was not handled properly by the team.  The one where this player was allowed to drive home alone after being concussed.  The one where no one from the team checked in on the player in a reasonable manner.  The one that took weeks for the player to recover from.

Fans are asking why this player is not on the ice.  Fans who are also business owners footing the bill for Nathan Hewitt are wondering why this player is not on the ice.

Team mates are wondering what is going on when they know the player has not gotten into trouble off the ice, yet the coach had the players gear packed up without telling the player!  These same team mates who greet the player with hugs when they see him.  The same player who still hangs out with the rest of the team off the ice without Nathan Hewitt’s knowledge.

See, Nathan Hewitt has burnt just about every bridge he has ever had the opportunity to cross.  One Coach in another league Nathan Hewitt used to coach in said “I would rather watch him burn than piss on him if he were on fire.”  Other Coaches say things like “I don’t trust him”, “He is a liar”, “He is not welcome in our arena”, “He’s a just a spoiled brat who thinks he knows it all”.

The best part about this story is Nathan Hewitt pursued this same player for his team all last summer long!

In hockey, coaches and players don’t always like each other.  I have known some coaches and players who don’t talk at all unless it is in a professional capacity.  The key phrase there is “professional capacity”.

All of this will soon come to a tipping point.  The parents have lodged an official complaint with Hockey Canada, the CJHL, the team and the league for “Unlawful Reprisals”.  The family has already spoken to an attorney and a lawsuit may follow.

Even after a team trainer sends the player a text message that we have possession of, stating the player is cleared, all of a sudden now another test is required.  So what happens if the player passes the test?  Its likely he will be allowed to practice again, and more likely he continues to sit in the stands on game days.

How do you put the toothpaste back in the tube for a young man who did nothing wrong, and does not deserve this treatment?  The simple answer is that it cant be done.

On October 21st 2014, Nathan Hewitt wrote on his Twitter account;

“NHL’s decision to suspend Voynov is a good example of how to get “proactive and not reactive” as it related to Voynov’s suspension for domestic abuse.  While this certainly was not a physical altercation in this case, wouldn’t the league be justified in being proactive to suspend you for what is clearly an abuse of power and bullying?

All this from a coach who says on Twitter April 28th, 2014;

“When you get to a fork in the road, go straight!” followed by #beyourself

Nathan Hewitt would punish a player for following his own statement in that he simply was being himself?  Being himself by not filing complaints on his concussion treatment?  Being himself by following all of the rules?  Being himself by supporting his team mates?  Being himself by asking permission from the team to go home to be with his father while he underwent surgery to remove his cancer?  Being himself by putting TEAM before himself.

Nathan Hewitt operates in back rooms, alleys and secretive ways.  He is spineless to deal with men who are superior to him.  He wields the title of Head Coach as though it is his kingdoms scepter.  Nathan Hewitt wears the title of Head Coach much like Napoleon wore medals he awarded himself to make himself look more important or impressive than he was.

I should have known better than to believe you were anything other than a self entitled kid the day I met you.  Cowering in a corner to avoid other coaches who didn’t like you.  Humble only until you got what you wanted.  Arrogant after you get what you want.  Thinking you know it all.

Mr. Hewitt, you can now wear this truthful article as a crown if it makes you feel important.  But we all know who and what you are.  A little man who needs to bully people from a position of authority because you are incapable of being a bully to anyone else.

Players and parents beware, this is one coach that I will never recommend a player to sign with again.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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