How Many American Players Have Transferred To Canada During Border Closure?

The Hockey Canada Player registry is where all Canadian junior teams enter the players they roster and sign to contracts. Its required.

Since June 1, 2020 when the HCR opened for player signings, including American and Canadian players for Junior A and B, a grand total of …………23 players have been transferred and registered into the HCR from the United States.

That 23 players includes all dual citizens. 130 Junior A teams and nearly as many Junior B teams with 6 import player positions open per team can only account for 23 American players signing to play in Canada?

What does this tell you?

It says what we have been saying for months. American players are not playing in Canada this year because of the border being closed. That border closure isn’t changing any time soon.

Players who are waiting to go to Canada will likely spend the entire year sitting at home. The border is not expected to open until this time next year.

If you dont already have a plan in place for a team in the United States or Europe, you better get one now. The season starts in about 5 weeks in Europe and 8 to 10 weeks in the USA depending on the league. Dont be left behind waiting for the Canadian border to open when it wont.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser