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Joseph Duszak – The USPHL Is My League Of Choice

Much is being made about the USPHL’s foray into free to play hockey with the addition of the National Collegiate Development Conference.

While some would like to speculate, or predict that the NCDC will not become one of the top leagues in North America for NCAA development, the USPHL Alumni are saying something much different.  TJHN is introducing a series of interviews with USPHL Alumni that will describe their development experience in their words.

Joe, lets get right to it.  Why did you chose the USPHL over the USHL?

“Well, I started my last year of junior with the USPHL.  I got talked into leaving for Chicago in the USHL part way through the year.  Once I got to Chicago though, I had some second thoughts and returned to the USPHL to finish what I started with my team mates.”

What were those second thoughts?

“There really wasn’t a reason for me to leave the USPHL.  The USHL didn’t offer me any more development opportunity than I had in the USPHL.  The scouting wasn’t any better, and I wasn’t getting any more ice time than I was in the USPHL, so why leave?”

If you could tell a young player about your USPHL experience what would you say?

“Play in the league.  Get a ton of ice time.  Develop.  Get scouted, and don’t believe it when people tell you that you have to leave to get to the NCAA.  Its a great league.  Great people involved, and there are schools at every game you play.”

Have you heard about the new NCDC division?

“I am really excited to see how good the NCDC is.  I know that a lot of guys I played with over the years never wanted to leave but had to because they wanted to play for free.  Now that the USPHL will have free to play, guys are going to want to stay at home.  Sleep in your own bed at night, and eat your mom’s food for dinner.  Not having to move away is definitely going to keep the better players at home.”

If you offered a young player once piece of advice what would it be?

“Stay on your own path.  Don’t try to follow someone else’s path.  Whats good for your buddy may not be good for you.  Don’t leave home until you have to.  Time flys and you will be out of the house soon enough.”

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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