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MWJHL Second Night Update

Yeah well, for those of you expecting a change in results, you can stop reading here.  For those players on the Bruins upset with my views of the team and the league, keep reposting on twitter, spread the news on how great the league is.

Traverse City put another complete beating on the Berkley Bruins by the score of 14 to 2.  Is anyone embarrassed by the score, or is it going to continue to be business as usual?

The Soo Firehawks put another thumping on the Michigan Ice Dogs by a score of 10 to 4.  Yep, another close battle here folks.  One for the ages in what the MWJHL is trying to call Junior Hockey.

Finally the Bloomington Jr. Blaze at least kept is close against the Alpena Street Cats tonight.  A score of 4 to 1 is much more respectable than a 12 to 2 stroking.

the quality of play in the MWJHL is equal to the level of leadership these days.  “Hey everyone, lets just slap it together and see what happens!”  Quality leadership leads to quality play.

When will players in this league realise that they are much better off playing for a USA Hockey sanctioned league that is actually scouted?

David Wagner – Remember me in your tweets boys

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