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Nic Kerdiles To Stay At Wisconsin

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Nic Kerdiles To Stay At Wisconsin October 22, 2012 7:23 AM

In an unprecidented moved the NCAA suspended Nic Kerdiles for the entire season based upon some photos that were posted on line. The investigation leading the the suspension began two months prior to the suspension.

In another unprecidented move, the NCAA reduced the suspension of Kerdiles to ten games after the University of Wisconsin file an appeal. Perhaps more shocking than the reduction in suspension time is the swiftness in which the NCAA heard the appeal. To have an appeal heard and a decision made in just a few weeks is unheard of. Typically the process takes months.

Although reduced, the suspension is still there. TJHN has learned that the reason for the suspension is based upon the player receiving something of value from the agent. While no one from the NCAA will go on the record, it is rumored that things of value including meals were received by Kerdiles. Other allegations include the agents making hotel reservations for the Kerdiles family while at the NHL draft in Pittsburgh.

Kerdiles missed the season-opening series with Northern Michigan Oct. 12 and 13. He’s eligible to play for UW when it travels to Denver for a Western Collegiate Hockey Association series Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

The University issued the following statement regarding the suspension:

"MADISON, Wis. — The NCAA Division I Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement has ruled on the appeal regarding the eligibility of Wisconsin freshman forward Nic Kerdiles.

The committee reduced the withholding penalty to 30 percent from the NCAA staff’s original decision to penalize Kerdiles with a withholding of one year and a loss of a season of competition. The reduction means that Kerdiles will miss Wisconsin’s first 10 regular-season games, which includes the two games already played against Northern Michigan last weekend.

He will be eligible to compete on Friday, Nov. 30 in Wisconsin’s game at Denver.

Walter Dickey, Wisconsin’s Senior Associate Athletic Director for Regulatory Affairs, who handled the appeal on behalf of the University of Wisconsin, issued the following statement.

"While we recognize the significant nature of a reduction in penalty from a full season withholding to 30 percent, we are dismayed that any penalty whatsoever was imposed on Nic Kerdiles in this matter. We remain confident that the facts demonstrate Nic had no culpability. The facts serve as evidence that he has the kind of character we believed he had when he was first recruited. Throughout this ordeal, Nic has demonstrated nothing but poise and integrity consistent with the outstanding student-athlete we know he is.

"Nic is currently exploring his options which we have encouraged him to do. Our hope is that he remains a Badger.""

Since the release of that statement, a representative from within the Aneheim Ducks organization has confirmed that Kerdiles will be staying at Wisconsin.

By Joseph Kolodziej

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