OHL To Make Proposal To Move American Teams To Toronto “Hub” City?

Multiple sources in Ontario are reporting that the OHL will soon make or has already made a proposal for the Canadian Ministry of Health to move the three American teams to Toronto for the 2020-2021 season.

While unconfirmed, this information would make a lot of sense for the OHL and if supported by the NHL as rumored, could get approval rather quickly as the NHL is already back in Toronto.

This proposal would eliminate travel to and from the United States which was the primary issue in why the Canadian Government did not give the Toronto Blue Jays approval for Major League Baseball.

This proposal would also solve each of the American teams problem they face with not having access to their import players. While it has been assumed that Canadians would be able to cross the border to play on their American teams, some work Visa’s are not currently being processed.

This would allow for those European players who are on those American teams to come over to Canada to play, while currently they can not enter the United States due to the mutual European Union and United States border closure.

Should this proposal gain approval, one would have to guess the WHL would also make a similar proposal though the WHL issue is more complicated as the league spans several Canadian Provinces.

TJHN will update this story as more information becomes available.