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Performance Testing For Teams – What Is It And Why Are Teams Doing It?

Central Scouting Services Performance Testing is the cutting edge set of analyzing tools that help organizations evaluate their athletes strengths and weakness’s.

Measuring and understanding the athletes Speed, Reaction Time, Explosive Power, Agility and brain processing speed are critical elements to improving their athletic performance.

In the days of the dinosaur, hand held stop watches were used. Completely inaccurate, and unreliable technology that was placed in the palm of the hand. Today, Central Scouting Services uses lasers, and athlete triggered timing mechanism’s to record precise measurements.

In the old days, people thought being “fast” was the most important thing. Today we know that having speed is the result of developing the correct explosive power. Explosive power is not measured by “speed” as timed by the stop watch.

In the old days, there was no way to measure if an off season workout plan was effective. Today, cataloguing performance testing results and measuring against previous results at every interval is the standard by which todays world class athletes are measured and training.

Before, there was no way to measure if recovery from an injury was complete. Today we can tell you if your right leg is stronger than your left. We can tell you if your left leg does not extend as much as your right. We can measure the exact amount of time your foot makes contact with the ground while performing an exercise to increase foot speed.

Now, Central Scouting Services can measure exactly how quickly your brain process’s information and your body reacts to that information.

In todays hockey world, analytics is a buzz word. There is no greater set of athletic analytics than those that measure performance.

Having these tools, and the ability to develop training programs to improve the results of performance are what sets a great athlete apart from a very good one. Using these tools are what set the great organizations apart from everyone else.

Having these tools, and the ability to directly compare players with each other, makes those final cuts much easier to make. It also eliminates the argument from parents and players who think they shouldn’t have been released or sent down.

Having these tools at your location, sets your organization above the others that do not. It says the most important thing that players want to hear. Your organization will use every tool available in order to make sure they develop to their fullest potential.

To learn more about Central Scouting Services Performance Testing, watch this video. If its good enough for people in the NHL and NHL teams, isn’t it time to add it to your organization? scouts@centralscoutingservices.com

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