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Pre Draft Combine Alumni – Where Are They Now?

Over the years, the Pre Draft Combine has gone through many changes to improve the event.  Every year, more than 100 players come to be tested, compete, and become educated on the recruiting process from those hockey people actually making the decisions that will effect their careers.

Many times the Pre Draft Combine features those players who are not yet on many teams scouting radar.  This is why we have a very high ratio of scouts to players.

Often times we are asked where we get our information, and how players are chosen.  Simply put, each event is a minimum year long process in developing.  Some players are watched for two years before being invited.  Fourteen scouts throughout North America and Europe provide their opinions and as resume’s come in they are voted on for approval.

Some examples of Pre Draft Combine graduates and where they are now;

Zack LaRocque – USHL Goaltender of the week April 2016

Corbin Kaczperski – Committed to Yale

Carter Long – NHLCS Final 2016 Draft Rankings – Committed Vermont

Drew Hotte – USHL

Jake Stevens – BCHL

Ryan Solomon – NAHL

Sam Gagnon – OJHL

These players only represent a few of the Pre Draft Combine recent alumni.  To see the list that continues to grow, please visit the alumni page.  Will you be the next player added?

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