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The Case Against Signing Stamkos

I know, this is a junior hockey website, but since I am the publisher I am going to write my opinion piece today on why I would not try to sign Steven Stamkos.

Don’t misunderstand me, Steven Stamkos is one of the players I like to watch the most in the NHL.  He is abundantly talented, smart, and by all reports a great team mate.  What’s not to like for your team in the days of free agency?

Stamkos is a difference maker.  Immediately, the team that signs him gets better.  For a playoff bubble team, he is the player that will most likely be the difference maker.  For a Stanley Cup contending team, he might be a player that helps you get to the promised land.

Is he a franchise savior?  Does he remove all the losses accumulated since 1967 if you are Toronto?  Does he get you the first Cup if you are Buffalo or Vancouver?  Does he get Boston or Montreal back to the promised land?  Does he bring the Stanley Cup back to Detroit?

My answer to all of those questions is, “no”.

Every year we are reminded during the NHL playoffs that it is extremely rare for any one “super star” to put a team on his back and will them to win by his offensive performance.

Every year we are reminded when the Cup winning team skates around the ice that it really is the secondary scoring and depth of each franchise that brings the Cup home.

Again, while I really enjoy Steven Stamkos as an athlete, he is not a franchise savior.  Particularly when you take into account that he has some serious miles on him now, and the injuries are becoming a little more frequent.

Toronto.  They just got Auston Matthews.  A Stamkos signing does not get them a Stanley Cup immediately, and probably not in the next three or four years.  There are just too many pieces missing.  But, he does sell tickets and justifies a hike in ticket prices.

Buffalo.  They have a very talented young core of players.  They are deep at Center, and the money would be better spent on another top Wing and Defenseman.  They are a lot closer to becoming a Cup contender than Toronto.

Vancouver.  Stamkos gets the very most and very last bit out of the Sedin twins.  But they do not win a Cup with him.

Boston.  Are you serious?  This team shouldn’t even be in the conversation.  What is the plan with this team anyway?

Montreal.  I do not believe Montreal is close.  I believe that without Carey Price Montreal is exactly what we saw last year.

Detroit.  Does Stamkos keep the playoff run of 25 years going?  Yes.  Do they win a Cup?  No.  Detroit has more problems than it does solutions.

IF, Steven Stamkos wants to win a Stanley Cup, his best chance right now is in Tampa.  Will he re-sign in Tampa?  Probably not, and every day that goes by makes it look less likely.

While most of you know I am a big Buffalo Sabres fan, and believe GMTM is doing a great job.  I am hopping my team doesn’t go all in on Stamkos.  I am hopping going after Loui Eriksson and/or Kyle Okposo.  That would be two very good players for the price of one.  Make a trade for a Defenseman at the deadline and you really have a chance.

But, here we are.  One day till the real free agent frenzy begins.  Someone is going to spend about 12 million on lottery tickets, and I don’t think they are buying a winning ticket.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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