The CHL Has Arrived As The AAU – UHU Free To Play Entry

Free to play junior hockey.  It is, in the end, what every player and parent hope for.  Particularly in the long months of summer tryout camp travels.  It is what many players use as a benchmark for their individual success.  To say they have made it to the upper echelons of amateur competition.

Six founding member organizations are seeking to increase those free to play offerings in 2017.  Allowing more athletes that opportunity that escapes so many young athletes.

At a Board of Governors meeting today in Las Vegas Nevada, the CHL met in person to discuss the future of the league moving forward.

The League Operations Manual, and all other internal documentation that had been under review was approved and adopted.

Of note, the most important topic of conversation surrounded the undertaking of populating the 2017 rosters for the CHL.

A two phase draft system was adopted.

Phase I of the draft is exclusively for those athletes participating in an AAU – UHU sanctioned league in the 2016 season.  Only those players participating in an AAU – UHU league will be drafted in Phase I.

Phase II of the draft will be exclusively for those players attending Pre Draft events.  If you do not participate in a pre draft event, you will not be drafted.

These are the only ways athletes will be drafted into the CHL for 2017.  All other players may be signed as free agency opens at the conclusion of the draft.

More information on the CHL will be made available in the coming weeks. For more information

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