The Death Pool – Alcohol And Video End Careers

A little over six years ago I wrote this article, Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Over the years TJHN has reported on many drug and alcohol abuse stories. Many simple acts of stupidity or carelessness. Even more criminal and dangerous acts that were fueled by alcohol or drugs have been reported on.

Today though we have a shining and new example of what may just be the highest level of stupidity in junior hockey player history.

Normally I wouldn’t call out a player personally, but today I will make an exception.

Greg Mulhall formerly of the Yorkton Terriers in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League was suspended for 25 games for this heinous hit on a goaltender.

So lets be clear on who exactly Greg Mulhall is.

Greg Mulhall is a punk who has never scored more than 10 points in a season. He’s not a prospect, he is a piece of trash that should have never been on a Tier II team to begin with.

The Yorkton Terriers calling themselves a Tier II team is another joke, but more on that later.

Greg Mulhall was suspended 25 games for his hit on the goaltender. A fair suspension as long as there was no permanent injury to the goalie.

Then Mulhall had to go and do this:

Yes. This is perhaps the best example of a terrible hockey player who has been living the dream with the boys for too long because he is a good drinking buddy. No talent, and no brains.

Players like this have been kept on rosters since the beginning of junior hockey because “all the boys” love him. “He’s a good team guy”. “He’s a good guy in the room.” And a whole host of other bullshit phrases that describe a person taking up a roster spot that shouldn’t be.

The SJHL has now kicked this no talent punk out of the league. That is the right thing to do. The following was released by the league;

“Due to a recent video that has surfaced with Greg Muhall speaking with disrespect and profanity lased words towards Melville goalie Berk Berkeliev, the Saskatchewan Jr Hockey League and the Yorkton Terriers are severing ties with Mulhall for the remainder of the 19-20 hockey season.”

If this player shows up on another roster, it says all you need to know about the team that signs him.

I wonder now how many coaches are looking around the room at their “team guy” and wondering if he is worth the roster spot. Wondering if he is worth the risk of this kind of thing happening and becoming public information.

How many good players have been cut this summer who could actually contribute to wins that lost their spot to the “team guy”?

This is exactly the type of player the NHL has worked to get rid of. This is exactly the kind of player who perpetuates the stereotype that hockey players are animals. This is exactly the kind of player who is no longer relevant or needed in any level of hockey.

The Yorkton Terriers have gone from a powerhouse development program to an afterthought and embarrassment. Maybe its time to stop talking about the distant past and time to start playing todays game.

Drink up boys, Instagram is waiting……