The Death Pool – GMHL West Cancels Pre Season Game

Oh shit. Don’t look now, but the GMHL West regular season that was announced and scheduled to begin on Friday October 4th is clearly in jeopardy.

With about six hours notice on Saturday the Slave Lake Ice Dogs pre season game was cancelled. Yes, I know, its shocking. (sarcasm font)

The game which was set to feature Slave Lake against the Edmonton Academy formerly the Cold Lake Wings, was cancelled because the referee’s had a problem.

Yeah, its hard to understand this statement because it looks like second grade grammar is not good enough to be professional:

Yes, I know, it looks like something I wrote after one too many pops on Saturday, but I assure you this is directly from the GMHL President. This is clearly one of the better examples of the leadership you can expect from the GMHL and GMHL West. An incoherent and poorly written announcement to deliver bad news.

Anyone need a contract to sign?

Meanwhile, researching the GMHL website, none of the GMHL West teams have a schedule on the site anymore. I wonder why that is?

Its got to be real bad when even the GMHL doesn’t want to have your schedule on their website! LMAO That’s kind of like Hannibal Lecter saying he isn’t hungry. LOL

Stick around, we have more news on teams on the brink coming shortly.