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The Death Pool – Another One For The Reaper – Guest Writer

Todays Death Pool is written by a guest who is auditioning to take over the series. Please let us know what you think via Twitter.

There are shit shows, and then there are SHIT SHOWS. In case anyone missed last years shit show called the Canadian American Junior Hockey League, or CAJHL, let me bring you up to speed.

The CAJHL was the group of Canadian and a few American teams that tried to come back from COVID under the WSHL banner. Now that group had teams fold, merge and relocate sometimes within days because the owners and coaches of these teams were completely disorganized.

Once playing, this group of junior Z level teams decided they could do a better job on their own and screwed the WSHL by forming their own league after doing a dine and dash with the WSHL. Leaving a bunch of money owed and a bunch of bad blood.

The CAJHL went on to finish the joke of a season, and named a champion that no one will remember and no one gives a shit about.

Everyone in the six team league made the playoffs. Nice participation trophies were handed out and a cute dinner was had to pat each other on the back.

Even the Edmonton Eagles made the playoffs. Yes, going 9-26-2 got you into the CAJHL playoffs while getting outscored in the regular season 269-158. Bravo!

How did the playoffs for Edmonton go? Oh they went great. That is if great is getting your ass kicked two games and getting out scored 15 to 1 in the process. Success boys!

Now, it appears the Edmonton Eagles have just disappeared from the CAJHL family of excellence.

No word from the CAJHL though. They are taking lessons from all those successful leagues that like to try to sweep these things under a carpet too. Nothing to see here. No one will notice.

Now, the illustrious CAJHL is down to five teams. Who the hell wants to play in a five team league in towns that most sasquatch’s move away from? No one with any hockey future does, that’s for sure.

And how the hell do you call a league the Canadian American Junior Hockey League when you don’t have any American teams? Maybe so you can recruit unknowing kids from the States to give you money for hockey that no scouts will watch?

Welcome to CAJHL hockey, where everyone gets to make the playoffs, everyone gets a trophy, and no one cares. That boys, is really living the dream.

Don’t forget to cash those checks and get ready for that super duper showcase.

As of September 6th, no CAJHL schedule released for this amazing league. Maybe the boys living the dream are these owners and coaches who actually think they are working in junior hockey. Any player wasting his time and money on this league should have been headed to a legitimate league where some teams are struggling to fill rosters.

It’s shit shows like the CAJHL that put pressure on the player recruiting pool trying to create something that is not needed. Stay tuned. More teams slowly getting the secret kill off treatment.

Jake Gardner – Guest writer

*The Death Pool, if I get the job, will be my personal platform to point out the stupidity of people in junior hockey today. No one will be safe, and no topic off limits.

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