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The Death Pool – Bernie Lynch Charged In 30 Year Old Sex Assault Case

Yes. I know everyone misses the Death Pool. On special occasions it will be re-appearing. I felt that during the COVID Pandemic it probably wasn’t in good taste to write about the demise of people, or their career’s. That said, pandemic over, let the Death Pool return.

Bernie Lynch was once a pretty powerful and well connected hockey coach. From the WHL to Tier II to Midget AAA he knew everyone and was seen as a high level coach. On the surface anyway.

Turns out, old Bernie is a little bit of a sausage hound, and I don’t mean that in a way to compliment dogs who eat scraps off the floor.

Bernie Lynch turned himself in to police in Alberta over the weekend. Yep. Turned himself in on one count each of sexual assault and assault, dating back to August 1988.

Thirty three years. That’s a long time to wait to pay for something.

Bernie Lynch, who has coached across Canada, the U.S. and Europe for more than four decades, turned himself in to police in Devon, Alta., over the weekend after the Regina Police Service issued a warrant for his arrest on April 30. 

Looks like Bernie had an international taste for young boys now.

The Swedish newspaper Expressen recently published an article about the veteran coach’s time behind the bench for a team in Huddinge, a Stockholm suburb, a tenure that ended with controversy and complaints in 2014.

Lynch was dismissed after receiving a lengthy suspension for threatening a referee. But one parent told the paper that there were other factors at play, including bullying behaviour and unwanted and inappropriate text messages to a 15-year-old player.

“I discovered that Bernie had started texting my son in the evenings,” the mother, whose identity is being shielded by Expressen, told the newspaper. “I reacted immediately and asked why the coach was writing to him. Finally, I took his phone and checked the history. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

One message, in particular, raised concerns. 

“Answer your phone … Pump runking,” Lynch wrote, misspelling a Swedish word for masturbation. “I can hear you all the way over here … Give it a rest.”

Maybe Lynch will understand a little spelling error when he gets to experience “Rump Pumping” in a Canadian Prison? Oh sorry did I offend anyone? It’s the Death Pool, get over it.

Predators like this deserve all they get. Here’s hopping Bernie gets a lot of company in his new home.

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