The Death Pool – GMHL West Cold Lake Wings Fold

Funny how things happen as they should some times. Just as we reported on Monday, Troy Mick left the GMHL’s Cold Lake Wings. Then in the middle of the night, the GMHL West announces they are going dark the season.

The beauty of this is that in their announcement they blamed the fact that they are done on the City of Cold Lake having too many hockey teams!

Ummmm yeah. This was something the GMHL West knew about when they started this shit show, and now they blame the information they already had for their own failure.

Typical of any GMHL failure. Blame everyone else instead of the absolutely bad business plan and even worse execution of the shitty plan.

Now these donkeys are saying they are moving the “franchise” to Edmonton to be coached by the GMHL West leaders 23 year old son.

Little hint for all you parents out there. When a team has to constantly promote the prior achievements of people they are saying are involved, it is a sign of desperation and nothing more.

Anyone else’s experience in their playing career is not indicative of any level of success with any team. Particularly when it is associated with the GMHL and GMHL West.

Next up is a “closed to the public” pre season game for the GMHL West’s Slave Lake Ice Dogs. Yes. Not open to the public pre season game! Who ever is dreaming up this bullshit marketing plan probably held an Image Management Position with Sadam Hussein. He was wildly popular in his day!

Stick around we got more teams going down….