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The Death Pool – GMHL West Disaster – Guest Writer

Today’s Death Pool is written by a guest who is auditioning to take over the series. Please let us know what you think via Twitter.

The GMHL and the GMHL West. What can be said that hasn’t already been said thousands of times by thousands of people throughout Canada and the hockey world in general?

Smart people know the GMHL is a money grab in general, and the GMHL West is nothing but a money grab from Indigenous people. Yeah sure, now everyone in the G Show is going to start bitching on Facebook, which is about as efficient as recruiting on Facebook like they do.

The GMHL West started its season. And when I use the words “started” and “season” those are really generous. A start to a season with nine or ten players is not really a start of a season.

When you only have nine or ten skaters, it is not junior hockey. What the hell are you players thinking when you see this? What the hell are you parents thinking and why are you paying for this? This isn’t junior hockey it’s an embarrassment.

When multiple teams are owned by the same owners, how can anyone believe for a second that these are not money grabs?

Supposedly the GMHL West is set to have ten teams. Which would make it the largest division of the GMHL. Six out of the ten teams have already played games.

The four teams that have not played a game yet have zero players listed on their rosters.

Fox Creek has two goalies and 12 skaters allegedly rostered, but only ten have played in both games so far.

Gibbons has 12 players including goalies! Playing Saturday night with 9 skaters and 1 goalie while getting blown out by seven goals.

That is not junior hockey boys and girls.

Its about to get more interesting though, because the rest of this merry band of thieves in the GMHL West are due to start their season next weekend! Who is excited about this?! Answer….No one.

Now I am taking bets on which team folds first after starting or who does not start at all. Please feel free to post your predictions on our social media pages.

Haven’t had enough of these shit shows? Stick around we got another one coming tomorrow. Its about to get real interesting for a some teams and players.

Jake Gardner – Guest writer

*The Death Pool, if I get the job, will be my personal platform to point out the stupidity of people in junior hockey today. No one will be safe, and no topic off limits.

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