The Death Pool – GMHL West Edmonton Academy Disaster

The GMHL scam. Yep, whats old is new again in the GMHL West.

The GMHL has been doing the bait and switch scam on player and parents for years. Its simple and the players really have no recourse once they sign that contract and hand over the money.

The teams with full rosters and winning records continue recruiting. The get more players in, and if they can take a spot from a current player they sign him and then trade the other player to the team with no players for cash.

Or they keep the cash and just give the player away to the other team that cant recruit enough players. This is the GMHL way of saving teams that shouldn’t be saved.

So the GMHL West is having players go to the YEG Academy after being traded from the Icedogs and Tomahawks. They have no choice but to go because they already paid, and they already played so they cant leave for a Hockey Canada sanctioned program.

This is the classic way the GMHL has been screwing players for years.

But the YEG Academy is a special brand of shit show. Reports of players living out in the bush. Other reports of players staying at the “commissioners” house in Lac St Ann in less than acceptable conditions.

This is the way junior hockey is not supposed to be run. This is exactly why the people running these scams are not allowed in real leagues. They have no money, they have no experience, and they have no idea about what they are doing.

The GMHL has survived simply because it is a cockroach. Players who have no business in junior hockey keep forking over money to support teams, while import players take the top roles.

Meanwhile if you look at the GMHL website, the schedules for the three GMHL west teams are missing and it looks like they are scheduling games as they go.

I wonder what happened to that Rosetown Red Wings team? I wonder where that ice is? And the coach that came over from France to replace the other coach who left?

Why anyone is writing checks to support the GMHL West is simply unbelievable.