Eight Years – Thank You Readers

It was eight years ago today that I purchased The Junior Hockey News from its original Publisher based out of Las Vegas.

Since then the publication has grown just a little. In 2011 when taking it over, the website averaged three unique visitors per day. Not exactly stellar numbers.

Today, because of you we average over ten thousand per day, and have hit sixty thousand in a day before. That’s some pretty significant growth.

We try to stay up to date with upgrades on design and technology fairly regularly. We appreciate your patience when those upgrades cause occasional down times.

As we move toward the future, we hope to add more writers and new features that the readers want.

While its an imperfect publication, we try to deliver what you ask for in a way that you respond to. We are open to your suggestions, questions and comments. Please contact us through social media.

Thank you for a great eight years, and we look forward to the future.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher