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The Death Pool – GMHL’s Ottawa Sharpshooters On Death Watch

The GMHL, like the Island of Misfit Toys for junior hockey teams, is simply an outpost for teams that can not get into other quality leagues for one reason or another.

The Ottawa Sharpshooters, have been independent, and played in other leagues prior to joining the GMHL.

The Sharpshooters disaster is essentially a traveling road show disaster of how a junior hockey team should never be operated.

From a bus that looks like it was painted with a paintbrush and roller left over from a Habitat for Humanity project, to mismatched uniforms and mismatched equipment, this team is a train wreck.

Now the team who is 3 and 23, that usually gets beat by an average of 8 goals per game is on the verge of folding.

A GoFundMe page was set up and later taken down after no one donated any money to assist this team.

The Head Coach, and all the money are allegedly missing in action. The teams official website is missing, and all social media is gone.

Yes, not usually positive signs for the future. With the Holiday break coming, rumors are many players are looking south to the USPHL and WSHL to try to find new homes.

While a disaster on the scoreboard, the Sharpshooters did have enough players to try to compete. Incompetent coaching sometimes gets in the way of that though.

But hey, the G Show baby! You get what you pay for, or what you don’t pay for, or what ever they feel like throwing around after they get your money.

Stick around for an update on this team after the weekend.

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