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The Death Pool – Its Not Junior Hockey When …..

Junior hockey is a benefit to so many players and towns around the world. The positive impacts that can be made by players and organizations can be felt for years in many cases. The financial impact of junior hockey teams on the community where they live and play are tremendous.

Then, you have the other side of junior hockey. Where impacts can be made, and they can last for years, in a not so positive way. And when you read the Death Pool, and something sounds familiar, you are proably a part of that community or that organization.

Without further delay here are some of the latest junior hockey gong show stories;

Its not junior hockey when your head coach shows up to the first team workout of the new year, hung over and smelling like alcohol. Then he asks if anyone has any pre workout powder and proceeds to take the powder and lay it out on a bench and snort it with a rolled up dollar bill. And this ladies and gentlemen is just one example of the incredible leadership found in some Junior B programs.

Its not junior hockey when you are on a road trip and after a Friday night loss on the road, some of the parents buy beer for the boys so they can get over their loss. It wouldnt have been such a big deal it they didnt have a game the next morning and some of them were too dunk to play. Nothing says quality parenting like buying players beer after a loss to teach them those great life skills.

Its not junior hockey when you get traded at the deadline. Then you drive half way across the country, and when you show up at the arena you find out you were traded again while driving and you have to turn around and drive back to a team that was only four hours from the first team.

Its not junior hockey when in your ‘tuition package” you are to receive three sticks of your choice and you have to wait until January before they arrive. If that was not bad enough, when the sticks for the whole team arrive, they are intermediate sticks and not for adults.

Its not junior hockey when your contract says you are not responsibile for any tuition payments if you have a season ending injury and your team continues to charge your mom’s credit card for two more months. And then of course does not refund the money.

Its not junior hockey when you go on road trips and there are six players to a room, and one king size bed. The team owner though has his own room next door and makes everyone dinner in the four crock pots he brought along for team meals. Nothing says nutrition for athletes like a good home cooked meal eh? Enjoy the chilli and kool-aid boys!

Its not junior hockey when you show up for practice in the morning and the dressing room locks have been changed because the owner has not paid the rent, and everyone just made their last tuition payment.

Finally, its not junior hockey when one of your team mates goes through a bad breakup with his long time girlfriend only to see her on a date at Applebee’s with your assistant coach. Welcome to the big show boys!

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