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The Death Pool – More Teams To Leave Hockey Canada?

Multiple sources in Canada are reporting that talks about leaving Hockey Canada are taking place between seven to ten teams.

These teams however are not from the AJHL, SJHL or MJHL. None of these teams talking about leaving are in any way associated with the BCHL departure from Hockey Canada. We will provide information on new developments in British Columbia in the coming days.

All of these teams are in Ontario. You read that correctly, Ontario. This is not just a rumor, this is something that is in the advance stages, and things may progress quickly between now and June 1st.

We have the names of several of the teams involved and some of the items on the discussion list.

One of the key items on the list of discussion points is the access to American and European players to replace some prospects they are expecting to lose to the BCHL after June 1st.

So, the BCHL’s departure from Hockey Canada is creating a ripple effect across the country. While I am sure the BCHL could not have anticipated that, they may be creating even more competition for American and European players for themselves if all of these teams do eventually leave Hockey Canada.

The teams based in Ontario, if they do leave Hockey Canada, have a much easier path to being outside of Hockey Canada when it comes to referee’s. There are plenty of referee’s working outside of Hockey Canada in Ontario to schedule any of these teams games.

Like the BCHL though, andy teams leaving will not be able to use affiliate players, or will they be able to compete on Hockey Canada teams after October 1st, if they are released from a team.

While I have a lot more information I would like to share on these discussions, I am bound to confidentiality agreements with certain parties involved in these discussions, or those in Hockey Canada who have assisted in providing me with information.

Caution, with all contracts should be the key until things straighten themselves out. We expect more information on these talks before the end of the month, possibly as soon as later this week.

We will update the BCHL situation this week as things are continuing to develop there.

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