The Death Pool – NA3HL Using More Smoke And Mirrors To Fool Players And Parents

WOW!!! Sometimes that’s the only word that can be said about the NA3HL’s absolute magic show that’s being used to trick people into believing what they are seeing. Criss Angel aint got shit on these guys!

Lets just be clear on some important numbers for you readers to remember.

The NAHL has 26 teams. Yes. 26 NAHL teams. Everyone understand? Good. Remember that now as we get into the latest NA3HL bullshit for recruiting.

The NA3HL is now promoting the fact that 26 NA3HL players were “tendered” by NAHL teams, and 26 NA3HL players were drafted by NAHL teams.

See that magic number of 26? Everyone still with me?

The NAHL REQUIRES, yes REQUIRES, every NAHL team to draft and tender 1 NA3HL player.

So lets cut through all the requirement bullshit for one second. If a team is required to do something it is a lot different than team doing something on their own! It’s a rule, that every team must do this.

So lets stop the bullshit about calling it a great year for “enhanced” efforts and all the other crap being slung around.

If you take away the REQUIRED, draft picks and tenders, you know how many NA3HL players would have been drafted or tendered? ZERO, NADA, NOTHING, ZILCH.

26 players off of 36 NA3HL teams. That’s it. 36 teams with an average of 23 players on each team. Out of more than 800 players, only 26 are drafted, and 26 tendered. Not exactly strong math for the NA3HL.

You know how many players were drafted from “OTHER” Tier 3 leagues?

24 players from “OTHER” Tier 3 leagues were drafted. Almost as many as the entire NA3HL that were REQUIRED.

The most players taken in the draft came from U18, U16, High School, Prep School and Europe. So what’s that tell you parents and players?

Add all this together and the likelihood of you getting to the NAHL from the NA3HL is about as likely as seeing a reindeer with a red shining nose.

Its time for the smoke and mirrors magic show to stop. The NA3HL is not what some people would claim it is. It is a Tier 3 league and that’s it. Most of its players go nowhere. But that kind of information doesn’t fill rosters.

Stick to AAA, High School and Prep School. If you are playing Tier 3, go to one of the “other” leagues. Clearly they are more valuable and the NAHL’s own draft results prove this fact.