The Death Pool -Special Report – Three More For The Slammer

Sometimes, stupidity just jumps out at you.  Sometimes it disguises itself.  Other times, people only let their stupidity show when they get a couple of adult beverages in them.  Ahhhh yes, good old booze, making stupid people that much more stupid.

Meet Kevin Corbin, a 33 year old, one man shit show.  When I say shit show, I mean shit show literally.

Good old Kevin got arrested the other day at a “gentlemans club” in Salisbury Massachusetts.  Yep, a few adult beverages and a little T & A apparently was more than little Kevin could take.

According to police reports, he was bounced from the club after becoming just a little stupid.  But that’s just the beginning.

When the cops get there, Kevin is struggling with the bouncers. So they cuff him up and put him in the car.  Then this donkey starts threatening the cops.  Yep, that’s never a good thing.

So the tuff guy, gets to the jail.  This is where it gets good.  Hard ass Kevin appears to be suicidal to the cops so they strip him down and put him in the cell.  Should have been the end of the night for Kevin, but it gets more stupid.

Good old Kevin just couldnt control himself and he began his shit show.  Actually it was a piss and shit show because this dummy thought it would be cool to cover the jail cell in his own piss and then play with his own dump!  Seriously, this happened!

The cops had to call in a special cleaning company to clean up after Kevin!  Whew, good thing one of those girls from the “Gentlmans Club” didn’t go home with him.  They may not have been prepared for that kind of shit show!

On a smaller shit show scale, minus the real feces……

Lets hear a round of applause for Eric Rancourt.  According to police reports in Ridgefield Connecticut, this donkey ran out on the ice, and got involved with a player altercation!  Yep, nothing better than adults jumping into fights with kids.  That ladies and gentlemen is some world class adult leadership.

Hmmmmm I wonder if one of those kids was his?  Maybe there is a “teachable moment” there.  At the very least, if Rancourt had a kid in the game he just embarrassed the shit out of him.  Nice work!

And in more serious news….

Tanner Neron, just added himself to the infamous list of freak show sex offenders we regularly like to highlight here on TJHN.

Yep, this asshole not only worked with Pee Wee players, but couldn’t spend enough time with kids so he got a regular job at the YMCA!  Yep, sometimes you just see things that should have been red flags to someone.

But hey, Tanner is not in jail.  Got to love the good old Canadian legal system.  Ohhhhh shit.  Yeah, sorry, after the first set of charges the cops added some more.  Yep, lets keep good clean folks like this on the street to do community service Canada!

Stick around boys and girls we may have another team taking a “Kevin Corbin” (see above for those with short memories).

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.