The Death Pool – Tier 3 Death Month

September. Its the beginning and yet its the end of so many hockey seasons. Truly its just a magical time of year! LOL

September is also known as the month of heart attacks, panic modes, bullshit slinging, and absolute chaos roster raiding in Tier 3. It really is the silliest of all silly seasons.

As of this writing we have a total of 18 teams on the Death Pool watch list for the month of September. Headlining the watch list are leagues like the GMHL, GMHL West and NA3HL. Funny it just happens to be the three biggest bullshit artists who are having the most recruiting trouble.

While other leagues are also having a few week team rumors, there are only one or two teams in each of the other leagues that appear to be struggling.

It really is fun to watch the USA Hockey protected lists come together. This level of transparency is something that USA Hockey does better than anyone else. Required reporting and disclosure is what players and parents deserve.

So, as September progresses, stay tuned, its about to get pretty dirty.