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The Death Pool – Tier 3 Tenders? WTF Is Going On?!

Tier 3 “tenders”. Are you kidding me? Really? Who is the moron who came up with this idea? And which one of you morons are going to be dumb enough to fall for it?

If Tier 3 “drafts” are not bad enough, now we have the EHL signing “Tenders”. So let me tell you how stupid this is.

Any player who signs a “tender” with any Tier 3 league has just labeled themselves a Tier 3 level player for the upcoming season and possibly their entire career. It does nothing to benefit your career, and eliminates your ability to sign with any other team in that league.

More importantly, Tier II teams now see you as a Tier 3 player, and have no reason to even keep you in an All Star game for the other Tier 3 teams that are affiliated with the Tier II team. Signing a Tier 3 “tender” is simply beyond self destructive.

Talk about absolutely stupid! Why would you as a player limit your options in any league? There is zero benefit for you as a player and only benefits the team that “tenders” the player.

The NA3HL and GMHL have drafts. At least that is a somewhat respectful way of securing player rights within a league. Teams can miss out on players because of other teams, and it creates some player interest. I understand how that can be enticing to some people.

Time for players to start thinking. Really. Its time to collectively pull your heads out of your backsides and start seeing what is going on.

A Tier 3 “combine”? Why would you go to a Tier 3 “combine” and limit your exposure to one Tier 3 league? You can get all kinds of exposure to Tier 3 at independent showcase events.

A Tier 3 “tender” why would you sign a Tier 3 tender and eliminate all your negotiating power when it comes to contract offers? You have zero benefit in a Tier 3 “tender” and every disadvantage you could think of.

Its a simple matter, and easy to figure out.


If you do not understand that then by all means go ahead and sign a Tier 3 “tender” because that is exactly where you belong.

All these gimmicks to trick parents and players into thinking they are really getting something are sickening. These are exactly the kinds of things that make Tier 3 look like just a bunch of money grabbers.

Unsuspecting players who don’t understand the system get fooled into believing that committing to a team in January is actually beneficial.

What this really says is that teams using “tenders” at the Tier 3 level are probably struggling with recruiting against the other Tier 3 programs. Good Tier 3 programs never struggle to recruit good players. Good programs simply keep moving along year by year.

If a Tier 3 team wants you now, they will want you in July and August. Don’t be fooled by gimmicks that do nothing for you but limit your opportunity.

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