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The Death Pool – USPHL Tier II Funding Plan Versus “another Tier II” Funding Plan

Holy shit was it hard not to publish the USPHL denial story over the weekend.  Seriously, I was checking every other website all weekend long to see if someone else knew.

Ummmmmmmm yeah, so is anyone else thinking the denial by USA Hockey for the USPHL Tier II league is bullshit?  Seriously, who the hell are these people trying to tell you how Tier II is supposed to be funded, when you are the ones who are paying for it?

Lets just stop all the bullshit saying that the “another Tier II league” is funded by wealthy owners.  Sure, the owners RISK kicking in a bunch of cash to keep THEIR BUSINESS operating.  But you are the ones who really pay for it!  They choose to kick the cash in if they have to and if they are dumb enough to keep on losing money its their own fault.

The average person spent $6500 last summer going to “other Tier II” camps.  Camp fees, hotels, meals, flights or other travel expenses and the total averaged $6500.  We did a survey last summer, so we got those numbers from you.  That’s a lot of cash in the summer.

When you have pre draft team camps, open camps, and main camps all charging $300 per player, owners aren’t risking a whole lot.  Do the freakin math.  $300 times 200 players is $60,000 and that’s no small chunk of change.  When you have three or four of those camps you get up to the $200,000 range of income just in camp fee’s.

When your operations budget for the year is around $400,000 and you bring in $200,000 in camp fee’s, you got $200,000 to make up in ticket sales and corporate sponsorships.  Yeah that might be over simplifying it a bit, but come on people these owners aren’t risking a whole lot.

These owners are dumb enough to pay $400,000 for a franchise though.  Yeah, and oh shit, who do you think gets the money when new owners come in?  Yeah, existing owners.  So really lets stop all the bullshit about how much they do for kids and all the philanthropic endeavors they have.

All this stuff is a tax write off for the wealthy if they lose a bit of money each year.  So don’t feel sorry for anyone who owns a team.

The cost of funding the USPHL at an average of $100 added to your bill every year for 12 years through youth hockey and Tier III would have been about $1200 and possibly up to $2400.

Do the freakin math.  Which is less expensive?  $6500 per summer for maybe two, three, or four summers in a row, or $1200 to $2400 spread out over a dozen years or so?

Sorry, but this whole denial is bullshit.  Its a joke.  Its a denial that’s based on nothing but someone else trying to protect their money from someone who built a better mouse trap.

Its the old boy network getting caught being an old boy network.  So if you think it aint about politics mommies and daddies, its time you smelled this cup of coffee flavored with a little holiday reindeer shit.

But hey, sign up for all those individual team camps today, we got a whole lot of opportunity for your ass.  Its only going to cost you about $6,500 a year for the next three years or so chasing the dream like a crack head to find out we need to see more of you, come back next year.

Come back tomorrow cause I got a lot more on this one…..

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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