TJHN Sponsored European Hockey Tour In August- Second Tour Added

Each year for the last three years, TJHN has been sponsoring and providing news coverage to a team from North America as they play games in Europe.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and ice arena’s in Europe opening earlier than those in North America, we are adding a second tour in August.

After selling out the first tour in just a few days, we realized the demand and having the opportunity to train in game conditions was important to parents and players throughout North America. Given that many players don’t know when games will be played in North America, Europe is a great option to prepare for next season, while having a great life experience.

This years teams will be lead by USPHL Premier Head Coach and former NCAA Division I player, Zac Pearson.

“We have some great games scheduled over this second eight day trip.” Said Pearson “Really good competition, and some incredible educational opportunities while visiting historical sites.”

Players will have an opportunity to visit castles, museums, galleries and World War II historical sites.

Every year, its an opportunity for players to gain valuable international playing experience, while having a great cultural exchange and educational opportunity.

Its a great opportunity to get international exposure while gaining valuable experience.

For more information on how you can register, email Zac Pearson at