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TJHN To Produce First Ever Comprehensive Junior Hockey Player Draft Guide In 2017

The Junior Hockey News, in partnership with the Pre Draft Combine will be producing the first ever comprehensive Junior Hockey Player Draft Guide in 2017.

The Junior Hockey Draft Guide will contain player ratings from around the world as well as testing information, GPA, testing scores and other information needed by teams in order to draft the right players for their teams.

The 2017 Junior Hockey Player Draft Guide will be distributed to Junior Hockey Leagues and Teams for FREE.

There will be absolutely no charge for every league and team to obtain the Junior Hockey Player Draft Guide.  It will be sent directly to the USHL, NAHL, CCHL, MHL, and all three Major Junior Leagues of the CHL.  Other leagues who may be holding a draft in 2017 will also receive the guide FREE of charge.

The Junior Hockey News, through this initiative will seek to save players time, money.  All player will be rated by an objective panel.  There will be no politics involved.  All teams will have the same access to the same information.

How will this be done?  The Junior Hockey News in concert with the Pre Draft Combine will be traveling North America in 2017 testing and grading players.  WE WILL BRING THE COMBINE TO YOU.

Stay tuned for more details over the next few weeks as we look to streamline and bring integrity back to the draft process.  For early consideration in the 2017 Junior Hockey Draft Guide email your resume to [email protected]

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