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TJHN Top 20 Monthly Report Returning

With the return of most Tier II junior hockey in the United States and Canada, TJHN will bring back our monthly Top 20 report.

This monthly feature will rank the Top 20 Tier II teams in North America regardless of league.

While COVID may cause some of us to have interruptions of some kind this season, we will continue this report for as long as it remains realistic.

For those unfamiliar with the report, it is based upon each teams level of play and competition faced. Strong teams playing against weak teams may not be ranked as high as those teams playing against over all stronger competition. While wins and losses will impact scoring, strength of schedule will have a greater impact.

No, we do not consider the GMHL Tier II and no they will not be considered to be ranked.

Look for the TJHN Top 20 Report next week as we finish the first month of the season.

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