Two More Canadian Teams Go Dark

One of the hardest hit groups in Canadian junior hockey loops is the Junior B leagues and teams. Junior B will likely continue to be hit very hard by Junior A teams signing their top Junior B players.

With no American players going to Canada, Junior A teams need to fill rosters with more local players. All the player signings indicate that is what is happening and will continue to happen.

The Heritage Junior Hockey League has now lost two teams in recent days with the departure of the Medicine Hat Cubs and the High River Junior B Flyers.

Citing the departure of sponsors, and a lack of funding availability the Cubs will look to return in 2021.

The Flyers citing a lack of fundraising activities due to the pandemic, along with the lack of information concerning attendance of fans at games lead them to make their decision.

Multiple sources have also reported many other Junior B teams in multiple leagues are considering taking the year off. This would in effect solve the problem Junior A is having without the ability to bring American players in to fill rosters.

Meanwhile, more Canadian players are now committing to play on European Junior teams as they search for opportunities for a full season and an on time start to the season.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser