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USPHL Moves Forward With Free To Play Division With Or Without USA Hockey

While many of you may have missed the announcement on Wednesday the 14th, the USPHL has made the decision to move forward with their free to play division.

Designated as the National Collegiate Development Conference of the USPHL, free to play hockey is definitely coming to the Eastern United states en mass.

It was a tremendous miscalculation to think the USPHL would not move forward with free to play hockey after being denied by USA Hockey.  To think any group would continue to be subservient or be made to feel subservient by the controlling class is an idea that disappeared with other ideas like indentured servitude.

The next step?  A futures draft.

The futures draft will take place in January 2017.  It will be open to players born in the years 2001 and 2002.  USPHL scouts and independent sources have been out scouting and grading players for the futures draft for months in advance.

The futures draft done in this way takes advantage of the current playing season, and prepares those young players in advance for their summer.

A regular draft will take place some time in May.  This draft will be open to all other players currently being scouted by USPHL staff members and independent scouts.

All players, regardless of the league they play in will be eligible for the main USPHL draft for the Collegiate Development Conference.

While some said the USPHL wouldn’t “battle” the NAHL or USHL, those people are now being proven wrong.

The thing about advocating for players, the thing that most people just don’t understand is that being an advocate is about working with people.  Not working with “leagues” or “teams” or “governing bodies”.  It is about being solely focused on the betterment of client opportunity.

The problem with some “leagues”, “teams”, “governing bodies” and alleged “advisers or consultants” is that they have lost sight of one very important thing.  The most important thing really.  It is not about them, it is about you the player.

The USPHL has by making this move with or without USA Hockey, made the Collegiate Development Conference about you.  About your opportunity.  In the end, that’s all you really need to know.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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