When You Want Your Information To Get To Scouts – Central Scouting Player Database

Are you tired of the mass emails to “main camps” and showing up to find 100 to 200 players at “main camp”?

Are you tired of having your contact information sold to teams when you never authorized the sale of your private information?

Are you tired of paying for some alleged information center and getting nothing but additional sales pitches for “upgraded” services?

Maybe you are tired of simply not being told the truth about what you need to be noticed by scouts and decision makers?

The Central Scouting Services Free For Life Player Database was designed by scouts for scouts. The Player Database has every information field that the scouts have said they want.

The CSS Player Database can not be downloaded for mass emailing.

Communication via text message directly through the database tracks all communication. Emails directly through the database comply with NCAA regulations for tracking communication.

Upload photos, videos, transcripts and test results directly to your profile in a military grade security environment. For Free.

When you are ready to take control of your information. Who has access to it, and who you as a player have contact with, then the CSS Player Database is waiting for you.