The Death Pool – GMHL West Putting More Shit In Shit Shows

What do you get when you have a former talented Coach and General Manager who joins an organization that is destined for the shit pile?

You get a former talented Coach and General Manager who needs to rethink exactly what it is that once made him successful. You get a former respected Coach and General Manager moving on to what will likely be his third disaster in three years.

Troy Mick. Once a real respected and talented General Manager and Coach is now with the shit show GMHL West. Look for more news on his super awesome Cold Lake Wings on Wednesday!

Last year it was the USACHL disaster for Mick. The Year before it was the RMJHL shit show. All these under funded, and poorly operated organizations and now its the GMHL West.

Everyone needs to work. Sure, we all get it but seriously, when you go from RBC and BCHL Championships to the freaking laughing stock of hockey, something has to be seriously wrong.

This GMHL West is a disaster. The organizers in the GMHL and the former WPHA who operate the GMHL West have already proven they are completely incapable of operating anything close to real junior hockey standards.

These donkeys are going to try to operate a GMHL West Division with four teams. Anyone look at the travel between these teams yet? How about some long bus trips? Or will you dummies be taking vans?

Just how expensive is this shit show for players? Yeah around $10,000 for the season? Ummmmm you might want to take your ten grand and flush it down the toilet if you think you will go anywhere from this joke of a league.

All the advancement numbers? Yeah, don’t believe them for one second. Do a little work and see who played in the league and who actually went on to play in any games at higher levels. Doesn’t exactly add up.

We are now accepting guesses for the date when the GMHL West actually folds. The person guessing correctly will win and all expense paid trip to Siberia by way of bus, to enjoy the beach in January. Sounds about as inviting as spending your money on this shit show.