An Advisers life – Do You Really Want Success Or Are You All Talk?

Recently I have run into a string of potential clients who all talk about how badly they want to be successful and reach the next level. They say they “want it” that they will “work for it” and will “do anything”.

But when given an opportunity to play at a higher level and be challenged, the phone stops ringing.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

If you are truly willing to do anything. If you really want to be successful and reach the next level.

Then you will pull your head out of your behind and stop doing what you have always done that has already been proven to not work.

Success is uncomfortable. Success is difficult. Success means doing what the other people wont do. Success means that you made your own way and did not try to copy someone else’s way.

If your name is not Connor McDavid, you will not be taking his path. If your name is not Patrick Maroon, you will not be taking his path.

No two players are the same. No two players have ever taken the same exact path. It is time to throw away what you think you know, or what you think things should be like. It is time to embrace change.

To get from point A to point B, you must CHANGE your location. To get from Tier III to Tier II you must CHANGE your trajectory. To get from Junior to NCAA, you must CHANGE.

Only those players that embrace difficult change, hard work, and a commitment to doing what the others are unwilling to do will see their goals achieved.

Players who want to really succeed are willing to go anywhere, and do anything to make it happen.

Parents who want to help their players succeed will help them go anywhere and do anything to make it happen. They wont try to keep their little boy at home when staying at home leaves him no options.

Just because their is a Tier II team in your city doesn’t mean its the right Tier II team for you. The same can be said about AAA, or NCAA.

Free to play hockey comes at a cost. The cost is being away from home. Working harder than those who are in pay to play, and the commitment to doing what everyone else around you is not doing.

For those of you who are tired of watching others get to the next level, maybe its time to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are ready. Really ready to embrace change and do what you have not done before. When you can answer that question with a “yes”, then you have a chance to reach the next level.

Now, how badly do you want it?

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser