An New League In AAU – The Facts Not More Fiction *Updated*


Yesterday, someone, was in a rush to make statements about a new AAU league being formed.  In fact they were in such a hurry to break a story they made an ass of themselves once again.

As such, here are the facts to correct what someone else claimed to be accurate;

There were eight operators in Boston meeting to discuss organizing a new league under AAU.  There are ten organizations that have expressed interest in such a new league with three more applications pending review.

At no time was any discussion had about being Tier II.  That was simply a lie.

At no time was any discussion had about any player fee cap of $5000 or any other dollar amount.  That was simply a lie.

Ron White, representing the AAU and UHU was in attendance.

I was also in attendance.  I am not the commissioner, and I am not the Angel of Death.  I also love Boston, and go when ever I can.  Interestingly enough, I announced I was heading to Boston weeks ago in order to open a new office for Hockey Talent Management.  Perhaps, the other hockey people I spoke to in different leagues while in Boston are all looking to join this new league?

How many is “a number of teams” from the NA3HL that were in attendance?  Is that just a way of saying I have no idea who was in attendance, but I think it was more than one?  Or was naming one or two persons who may or may not have been in the meeting a way for me to lash out at someone who has not purchased advertising?

Tom Donnelly from Rochester did not participate in the meeting.  That was a lie.  Dan Hodges did not participate in the meeting.  That was another lie.

Rod Simmons and Neil Listen are great friends of mine who I see year round in places like Michigan, Las Vegas, Boston, and New York.  I wonder if our being in Las Vegas together a few weeks ago was part of this great conspiracy?  Maybe someone should interview all of the Black Jack dealers at New York New York?

A couple other operators rumored to be involved, were involved with the Northern States League?  Someone must have run out of names to throw around.  That usually happens when people guess at things.

The NA3HL has no bearing on whether or not this league or any other league exists out east.  But, I may question things concerning the NA3HL if I am accepting money from them too.

In case some people missed a few reading comprehension classes, not all of our writers at TJHN agree in their opinions.  Its nice to know the competition is so scared though that they feel they need to attempt to label one persons opinion as a group opinion.

Am I “in on the action”?  Yes.  I was paid to do a job.  I have done that job, provided information, research and opinion based upon fact.  Its what I was paid to do.  That’s what consultants do, we deliver.

As for the Central One Hockey League, again, I was paid to do a job.  That job is done.  What the owners do with the work produced from that job is up to them.  I wish everyone in that group continued success in any endeavor they may undertake.  Again, this is what consultants do.  We are hired guns.  We do a job and leave when the job is done.

And now, you have the facts.  Not another made up version of what someone hopes the facts might turn out to be.  Not another stab in the dark because people wont provide facts.  I have to run now, because there is a secret meeting taking place in my grand daughters tent that’s called a tea party.  Maybe that will result in another mysterious meeting too.

I updated this article as I had sleep deprivation while writing last night and needed to correct the tense in which some words were used.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher