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BCHL Did Not Get Tier I Designation From Hockey Canada And Will Not Play In CJHL Events

The BCHL has for a many years tried to say that it is something that it definitely is not. The BCHL is a Tier II hockey league like every other Tier II league in Canada, and nothing more.

This summer, BCHL supporters tried spreading the rumor that the BCHL would merge or play against the USHL. They tried this in order to make people think they were equal to the USHL when they are not even close to the USHL in level of play.

The BCHL while trying to manipulate the public also took it upon themselves to leave the CJHL. The CJHL is the umbrella organization all other Canadian Tier II leagues operate under. Once again this was done because they think they are better than the rest of Canadian Tier II leagues.

Fast forward a few months…….

The BCHL has been denied a “Tier I” status. The BCHL never had conversations with the USHL about a merger or games. That was a complete lie started by people in the BCHL through an online broadcast.

The BCHL, many if not most of their teams are still charging players to play, and they have been for years. Business people do not give up money when customers are ready to pay.

The BCHL in their arrogance thought they could leave the CJHL and everything would be worked out through Hockey Canada for special CJHL events. That did not happen either.

Sources in Canada are now saying that the new CJHL agreement with Hockey Canada is for five years. That agreement will keep the BCHL from participating in the World Junior A Championships, and the CJHL Top Prospects event, as well as all other regional and national events.

Yes. The BCHL completely over played their hand and now are locked out for the next five years.

Couple that this season with rising numbers of COVID infections in British Columbia, the most strict Provincial medical guidelines in the country, and a closed US border you have the makings of a disaster.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this pans out over the next five years.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser


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