Central Scouting Providence College Pre Draft Combine Closing Registration Soon

The New England area Central Scouting Services Pre Draft Combine will be closing registration on Sunday March 31st, 2019.

The second annual event saw scouts from the NHL, NCAA, Tier I, Tier II and Tier III attending last season and the same is expected again this season.

From March 12 through the 14th, players will participate in both on and off ice testing, participate in educational seminars, and participate in four games. Campus tours of this NCAA hockey powerhouse will also be available.

“Last year we had teams scrambling to sign players before they left the building.” Said Kevin Miller of Central Scouting Services “This year, we expect more scouts and a deeper talent pool for those scouts to recruit from.”

“One CSS Combine event can easily save parents thousands of dollars in wasted tryout camp fee’s throughout the summer.” Said Tim Taylor of Central Scouting Services “The educational component alone saves family thousands of dollars every year through learning how to make better spending decisions.”

“Imagine knowing where you will play next year before the end of March while everyone else spends thousands traveling and on camp fees all summer and you are at home relaxing and training for the season. That is the difference between successful planning and not understanding the process.”

The Central Scouting Services Player Database will provide access to all players complete resume to scouts attending. This player database is FREE FOR LIFE for players to manage their profiles and track their recruiting and athletic development. https://centralscoutingservices.com