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Decatur Blaze Lower Tuition With Corporate Sponsorship

The Decatur Blaze are excited to make the following special announcement regarding the 2016-2017 season;

Due too great corporate sponsorship and strong community support the Decatur Blaze have been able to slash their tuition beginning in the 2016-2017 season. Last season the Blaze charged a season tuition rate of $7500. This season the Blaze are reducing the tuition to $5,000!

This represents a one third cost savings for every team member committing to the Blaze this season.

Head Coach Zac Pearson had the following to say;

“We are extremely excited that we are able to drop our tuition for our players. With over 200 Tier III teams around the country battling for the same players, I believe this gives us a recruiting edge over our competition. As far as I know this makes us the most cost friendly Tier III program in the country.”

Peasron went on to say, “We feel we wouldn’t have this opportunity if it wasn’t for the second place finish last year in the NHL KRAFT HOCKEYVILLE. It just goes to show you what type of commitment our organization has to the players because we could have easily kept the price where it was. The Decatur Blaze are not a profit driven organization. We understand that many players pay their own way, and we want them to know they come first with our organization.”

The Decatur Blaze are committed to operating the best, and most tuition friendly organization in North America. They are committed to development, and providing an exceptional experience at an affordable cost.

The Blaze are excited to begin the recruiting process this season and believe with the experience that Coach Zac Pearson brings from coaching Pro and Juniors that they have a winning combination of affordability and experience.

The Blaze begin there 2nd season in the USP3 and play there home games at the Decatur Civic Center in front of an average of over 300 fans per home game. The Blaze are continually in the local media and Coach Pearson is a fix on ESPN radio in Decatur with his players during the season. If you would like to play for the BLAZE please email Head Coach Zac Pearson at zac@decaturblaze.com

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