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The Death Pool – Special Report – GOJHL Buffalo Regals Brought Back To Life?

Ok people, this is hilarious.  Hilarious in its stupidity, and hilarious in how embarrassing it has to be for the GOJHL.  The Buffalo Regals, after multiple, hell more than a dozen people informed us that they had folded, miraculously came back to life last night!

Well, came back to life would be generous.  I mean they showed up to play Ancaster to continue to take another ass beating.  SEVEN to ZERO.  Its nice to know some things just never change.

After not showing up in Welland on Sunday, boom they show up in Ancaster?  After telling the league they didn’t have enough players to play in Welland on Sunday they show up with 20 players miraculously last night?

Then the “President” tells the Canadian press that because an incident in Niagara Falls where the Canucks played the Green Day song American Idiot, is why they didn’t have enough players to go to Welland?  Like the players were somehow degraded by the hit song?

Do you think it might have been the 11 to 2 ass kicking they took in Niagara Falls Mr. “President” that made them not want to continue this embarrassment?

Now this is a freakin joke.  Its an embarrassment for the game.  What the hell is this organization thinking?  Why would anyone make these kids continue this shit show?

Oh shit, yeah.  Well it probably comes down to money.  Sorry folks, don’t know what I was thinking.  I mean why would anyone want to refund the parents their money?  Nahhhhhhh that would be doing the right thing.  Why change from doing everything wrong now when we got a perfect season going?! Ha Ha Ha

But with all this, the truth comes out.  Yep, the pot is boiling over now.

See, the other league members didn’t want this team back.  They even hired lawyers to try to make sure they couldn’t come back.  But they did.  Of course now the “President” blames the league for his failure to put a competitive team on this ice.  Citing the rumors as destroying his team.

Then in closing his interview in Canada this guy says he has kids that want to play.  So what is it Mr. “President” do kids want to play or not want to play?

Ohhhhhh shit, then he also says “Keep in mind this is a business and my business — something I have invested a lot of money in — has been damaged.”

Yep its a business alright.  You got a lot of money invested?  Not in scouting and recruiting you don’t.  Not in making sure you can put a quality team on the ice you don’t.  Not in telling the truth that you really didn’t do shit last summer but hope that kids would just show up to play on your team.

And now anyone who had a sliver of hope that money didn’t influence the decisions affecting their children on the ice knows the truth.  This isn’t about hockey, this is about not having to issue refunds and an “investment”, nothing more.

In a similar vein of thought, Mac Donalds restaurant, not to be confused with McDonalds, will begin serving their new shit sandwich soon.  Though it looks like shit, tastes like shit, and smells like shit, Mac Donalds is calling it the Smokey Turd Burger.  The first one will be served at a junior B hockey game in Buffalo soon.

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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