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An Advisers Life – The Development And Advancement Phrases – What They Really Are

Every day players are told they need to be developed more in order to advance to higher levels. Unfortunately, when being told they need to develop in order to advance, no one is giving them specific planning to improve their development and increase the opportunity to advance to a higher level.

While many parents I speak to every day complain about this, and players continue to get frustrated and lack understanding, there are many reasons for this.

First, some coaches use these phrases in order to let players down easily, or at least they think they are letting players down easily when they cut them using these phrases. Unfortunately, it can also have the opposite effect and lead players who are clearly out of their element to believe that they just need to do a little more, yet they simply do not have the ability to reach the level they aspire to.

Second, some players really do need more time to develop. Maybe they are too young, or not physically mature enough for the level of play they are seeking to play at. Players need to constantly look in the mirror and self evaluate honestly. It is ok to not be ready, if you are committed to getting better, time will be your friend, so use time wisely and you will get to the next level when you are ready.

Third, some coaches simply don’t know how to be honest with players. Some coaches, by definition of the business model they work within, are forced to keep players chasing the carrot in front of them. Keep them in camps and showcases in order to keep the money flowing into the business that supports their family’s. It’s life, get used to it.

So, how do you develop and advance?

The first thing you need to do to secure your development path toward the goal of advancing is to realize that TIME and PATIENCE are tools to be used by you. TIME and PATIENCE are weapons of creativity.

“Rome was not built in a day”

When you realize that you have time, and you understand that patience will be required, you can sit down and take a breath. You can formulate a plan. All development starts with a plan. You can not build anything without a plan, and if you do, it will not stand the test of time.

Relax. Forget about the noise. Stop listening to what other players are “doing”. Stop comparing yourself to anyone.

Development is about comparing yourself today to what you were yesterday, or last month, or last year. Development is not about comparing yourself to anyone else but yourself.

Are you getting better? Are you getting bigger? Are you getting stronger? Are you getting faster? Are you getting more explosive? Are you getting good grades in school? Are you eating right? Are you sleeping well? Are you focusing on your development?

Development is a lonely task. It is a grind, and it is a long term project.

Advancement is something that comes quickly, after the long grind, and then you begin another long grind in order to advance again. But that advancement comes only after planning to improve on what you were yesterday. That advancement only comes after successfully executing a plan.

Stop trying to speed up the process. It will not work. Stop trying to take short cuts. They will not work.

Prepare to grind, prepare to do it alone, and prepare to do it quietly. When you do, you will show up one day at the camp you are properly prepared for, and you will make everybody take notice of your use of time and patience. Then, and only then, they will be forced to give you the advancement you have prepared for.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

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